The Good, the Bad and the Myths Surrounding Free Web Hosting

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It seems that about everyone either has their own website or is on their way to getting one online. If you’re still contemplating how to get your website online, all the free web hosting options may send your head swimming! “Absolutely free web hosting,” “No strings attached ever,” “Get your site online today!” These promises abound on the World Wide Web. What’s a person to do? How do you choose? Not to worry, with a little information you will understand the good, the bad and the myths that surround free web hosting.

First of all, let’s look at a few myths surrounding free web hosting.

Myth Number 1: You will not have 24 hour support available with free web hosting. Not necessarily true! Yes, some hosting providers will not offer 24 hour technical support. But, with a little digging, you will find a provider that offers around the clock support.

Myth Number 2: Your web hosting Canada will have much more down time and crash often with free web hosting. Maybe. But again, this depends on who you decide upon as your provider. Find a provider that prides themselves with offering excellent service to all their clients and it will serve you well.

Myth Number 3: Free Web hosting providers will inundate your site with ads. Now this one has the most merit. Until just recently a free web hosting account basically guaranteed an attack of ads on your site. But, with the increasing number of providers offering free hosting, you can now find a provider that promises to keep his or her ads to a minimum.

Before we get into the bad, let’s cover the good about free web hosting.

For starters, it’s free! If you are developing a personal page with relatively few images, free may just suit you well. Using a free web hosting provider gives you the option to put a site up that you normal would opt not to. An increasingly popular item to host online is a resume. You could also publish a wedding or baby site. Some providers also offer the use of an online web site builder. For a basic site, free hosting is a very good price.

Now for the ugly side of free web hosting. Unless you do your homework, you could very easily end up with sub-par service. Your site may be frequently down. Security measures may be lax, which could allow others to hack into your site. The provider may not offer back-up services and you more than likely won’t have access to the root menu.

The silver lining: since there are many providers offering free web hosting you can find one that more than likely offers what you need. If developing a small site, feel free to give free web hosting a try. If it doesn’t work out, fire your provider. Either move on to another free provider or pay the small fee for monthly web hosting service.


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