Should You Change Careers in a Bad Job Market?


The question is should you change your career in a bad job market? The easy answer is to say “yes.” In a perfect world, you should be free to make any choices that you need to make to be happy. The perfect world would not include constraints such as family, bills, mortgage, car payments, medical insurance, and there would be no concept of poverty. Let us discuss a scenario when people are happy with their careers.

When you are working in an industry which is thriving then you feel that your job is secure and you have the potential to move up in your organization. The concept of climbing the corporate ladder correlates heavily with higher pay and bonuses. So, the chances are that when you move into a higher position in your organization then you are going to be making more money. Making money is always good but we know that this is not the only factor when scoring your Jobbörse happiness. Some factors which make you feel excited about your career are: job stability, career growth, recognition, work environment, innovation, new challenges, training, and commute.

There are other signals which are commonly found in a thriving industry such as:


  • There is more demand than supply
  • Companies are investing heavily in research and development
  • The industry is hiring in the tens of thousands
  • The workforce has high job satisfaction rate
  • There are plenty of new startups entering the industry


The thriving industry scenario sounds very exciting. Let us just say that we we would be the first ones to declare that we would change our jobs and join this hypothetical industry. The only problem is that this industry that we described sounds a lot like fantasy. The reality is that the job market has been tough. The economy as a whole has not produced a lot of high paying jobs. There are people who have been unemployed for a very long time. There are certain parts of the country where the rates of employment are unbelievably high. People have have lost hope and are unsure what to do next with their lives.

The economy has a major influence on people’s decision to change their careers. The decision to make a change is so much easier when there are enough opportunities in the market place for you to feel comfortable enough to change your career. A good economy gives people the opportunity to go back to school and feel comfortable enough that there is a job waiting for them once they have completed their degree. New career prospects may have to wait or find an alternative to changing their careers because of the tough job market. These career prospects are going to need to look at alternatives such as going to school part-time while working in their current positions. This may not be a bad alternative since this will ensure your employment in the workforce and that you would feel good that you are taking the steps to move towards your career goals. No matter the decision you make, you need to carefully weigh all of your options. Your career is important but timing is everything. Be careful with your decision and we wish you the best in reaching your career ambitions.


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