Are Weight Loss Products a Waste of Money?

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Are weight loss products useful or are they waste of your money? Do you know the reasons why number of persons are overweight nowadays. There are mainly two sections for these:

1. They have an unhealthy life habits – working long hours, eating out always, not getting enough exercise- or they simply eat uncontrolled, often in a compulsive way.

2. People eat when they are not hungry, e.g., or eating for psychological reasons rather than physical hunger – is really a type of addiction. It should be understood as an addiction, and it often is.

In this article we call meal replacements as weight loss products. We cover some main weight loss supplements as well. It is vital to see the difference between these two.

The whole idea behind meal replacements is that you don’t honestly eat at all for a big part of the day. Instead of that you will take a special shake, a bar, a soup etc that gives you all the nutrients you need, and stops you from feeling hungry. You kind of eat normal lunch and dinner, but as we see lunch and dinner are replaced by these special products. With meal replacements you could measure the calories you take in much easier than normal food. Especially because these products are designed to be low on calories. Secondly it will kill addictive eating, because you are not actually eating. These are the benefits of these products here.

There must be a dark side in this you may ask? Yes and you’re right. You definitely will phenq real reviews when you are replacing your meals by these special products. But when you stop using them, what then? You haven’t learned how to measure the food you eat or calories in it. So you will get that weight back which you lost in your diet. So you are back to your previous situation pretty soon. Some people have used these weight loss products for extended periods of time and this could be really bad for your health. Meal replacements are not a real food and they can’t be seen such as. They are not the solution for permanent weight loss.

I and many other specialists believe more the power of weight loss programs than weight loss products or mysterious diet pills. This might be shocking and boring to you, but I want to be honest. The¬†weight loss¬†programs are going to teach you about how to eat for good – to establish healthy habits, in other words – using diet products surely doesn’t do so.

Weight loss supplements may assist you losing weight as well. There is a lot of different type of supplements in the markets. Some will assist you and some just take your money. In diet forums and magazines people are talking what of these weight loss supplements are working and what not. Try to find trustful information about these and don’t just believe the hype created by marketers. I will cover here some of the most popular weight loss products and the positive benefits and negative effects of each.

Bitter Orange, Citrus Aurantium, and Sour Orange: marketers said that these increase metabolism, but there are not any official tests to back this up. These products contain the stimulant synephrine, which can cause hypertension and cardiovascular toxicity.

Chromium: marketers said that chromium helps to lose weight and improves body composition. There is one main study behind these benefits that proved these results. Chromium are two types: trivalent (safe use: doses of 200 micrograms or less daily) and hexavalent (can cause stomach upsets, kidney and liver diseases, and death).

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): very popular product among fitness people. Marketers said that this product will assist promote leanness, but there are very limited edition of studies that proves this. CLA is seen as a generally safe weight loss supplement.

L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is one protein. Many body-builders use this in assisting to lose weight before competitions. Marketers said that it will inhibit obesity, but again there is not much proven studies of its effectiveness.


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